Vlad Kenner is an art photographer located in Brooklyn, NY.          

In his work freely borrows from different photographic genres and styles from deadpan portraiture to porn and fashion to capture striking and sometimes disturbing expressions of human sexuality.

Contact:  vk@vk-photography.net

Social Media:

Tumblr:  www.vk-photography.tumblr.com

Instagram:  @vkphotography66



International Center for Photography - classes in photographic practice and theory

Queens College, City University Of NY - Bachelor of Arts


On the Edge 5, Erotic Art Show, Feb. , 2017
Raw Beauties, Gallery 1,  Amsterdam, NL June 2014
Turned On Group Show, New York, July 2013
On the Edge 3, Erotic Art Show, Feb., 2013
San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition  - September 2012
Conceptions - Tribeca, July 2012
Rochester Erotic Art Festival, March1. 2012
Klimat Lounge: May 2011 New York, NY
Heart Throb 2011 at CCCP Gallery, Brooklyn NY Feb. 7 - 27, 2011
Antagonista Art Show, New York, NY January 27th 2011
Climaxx Show, New York November 2010
Small Works by Great Nude, New York September 2010


The Modern Pin-Up: A Collection of Photographs
In My Bed Magazine Volume 4, issue # 1
Volo Magazine Issue # 6: 
PH Magazine issue # 11
In My Bed Magazine, Issue 9.5 Lust & Orgasms
Constellation Magazine Issue # 8
Constellation Magazine Issue # 3

Web:  Pictorial and Inteview onerographic.com
Michelle7:   www.michelle7.com
Michelle7 Erotica:  www.michelle7-erotica.com
File Magazine: www.filemagazine.com